Monday, October 25, 2010

Maine Restaurant Week/Sunday/Walter's

  Restaurant week is a little like a voyage to the sun, get to close and ... 
well lets just say only the strong can survive!
But compared to a week in Bermuda or Cancun or maybe a cruise to Tahiti it's a bargain
 and you get to sleep in your own bed. Plus you don't have to worry about missed flights,
 body scans or Legionnaire's disease.
A couple can eat at the most expensive restaurants in this fall version of foodie paradise every night
with wine and a generous tip and still save a bundle. So if you haven't yet checked the Restaurant Week ME website, I suggest you do so now (it's ok to look at the pictures first).  
*** Restaurant Week Menu items

Remember, eat dessert first!
***Pears arugula, white port poached pears, spiced cashews, ricotta salata, poppy & clover honey dressing

***Steak & Frites, grilled skirt steak, hand cut frites, shallot demi glace and chipotle ketchup

***Maine Lobster "3" Way, grilled split tail, claw & knuckle and lobster bisque

2 Portland Square

Tell me where you've been, what you liked!
If you have a group of friends going out every night, aren't camera shy, let's talk.

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