Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saturday Night at the Ice Bar

Stopped by late for a quick peek at the Ice bar on Saturday night.  They were really excited by the turnout for all three days, over 3000 tickets, and expect to hand over a big check to charity.   I hadn't expected to take any more pictures, but I had my camera, so what the hey!
For those of you who don't know him, that's Earl Morse with his sister. Earl is the Executive Chef at the hotel and the one responsible for the really great food at Eve's.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Friday Night at The Ice Bar

As I walked up to the Portland Harbor Hotel just after eight O'clock the crowd was spilling out of the lobby.  The restaurant dining room was filled with people standing,  drinks in hand and the corridor leading to the food was packed. I unpacked my gear and grabbed a camera and flash then headed to the outside Ice Bar.  Good vibes were apparent everywhere and no one seem to notice the 15 degree weather.  People stood taking trying to take pictures  with their cell phones or point and shot cameras.
If your going out on the town tomorrow night stop by, you'll have a great time and help a number of good causes in the bargain.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Almost An Ice Bar

Standing around in the nice warm sun on a January day in Maine, watching the ice melt, might seen ideal for some, but not for Earl Anthony Morse, Executive Chef at the Portland Harbor Hotel. Not when he's less then 48 hours from the opening of the annual Ice Bar at Eve's in the Garden and he's got three ice bars two large sculptures and and a bunch of sponsors logos to carve out of several tons of ice.  With the warm days and sun he'll be working thru out the night and right up till the thursday evenings opening of this 3 day charity event.  What to expect? Gleaming ice bars, fire pits and ice sculptures. Martinis, beers, bourbon and wines. Eve's Executive Chef, Earl Morse, will execute all of the ice sculpting as well as be preparing an extensive array of foods served during the event. The Ice Bar is ticketed, cash bar, with complimentary foods. Tickets sold at the door. Revenue from ticket sales benefits three local non profit organizations plus the Haitian Relief Effort.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Po'Boys & Pickles

Po'Boys & Pickles continues with it's "soft opening" as it gradually expands it's hours trying to iron out the wrinkles before having a Grand Opening in a few weeks. Business has been brisk during the lunch hour so much so that some menu items had been running low or in a few instances out entirely. On tuesday when it took these images most of the tables were full and a steady stream of take out customers came thru the doors the entire time I was there.

Many of the traditional foods served in Louisiana can be found on the menu, including Fried Oyster, Pulled Pork, Cajan Fish and of course Po' Boys sandwiches as well as Gumbo and Sweet Potato fries. If you want you can wash it all down with a beer, drive safely.

Fittingly this new New Orleans Styled restaurant, named after a poor mans lunch, is next door to the Good Will store and brings the number of places for lunch within 300 feet of the Morril's Corner light to eight. Pictures from several more of those will be appearing on this blog in the coming weeks.

Po'Boys & Pickles
1124 Forest Ave
Portland, ME 04103
(207) 518-9735


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sonny's Throws A Party!!!

Wow! Jay Villani sure nows how to throw a Party!  Several hundred friends and loyal Local 188 customers showed up for the opening of his new Old Port venture "Sonny's".
Ralph and Cathi Barton, from Roxbury, CT. have been coming to Portland and going to Local 188 for the last eight years and decided they just couldn't miss this opportunity.
Food from the new menu was free and flowed out of the kitchen starting from the five o'clock start.  There was a waiting line for a table and the cash bar was surrounded all evening.  The ribs were sweet and perfectly done, my wife said the steak was the best she's had since we were in Buenos Aires this spring. Everything I tasted was delicious.

They'll be open for dinner & taking reservations saturday and open for lunch on monday.

83 Exchange Street

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Almost Sonny's

Well the buzz for Local 188's Jay Villani's new place...  Sonny's, 83 Exchnge Street, at Post Office Park is about to get a little louder with the opening night happening this Friday at 5PM.  You'll be able to sample some of the South American tinted menu like Brazilian Style Mussels, Fried Plantains and Yam Fries, Rice & Beans, Empanadas and Cuban Chicken.  They'll have a cash bar and a party atmosphere! I'll be there taking more pictures so the next post will have both food & foodies, so dress to kill.

The new bar along the park wall and the newly painted interior work nicely within the old banks granite floor and wood trim.  There looks to be plenty of open space in the center of the main room, Tango anyone? with a large couch and a mix of tables and booths.  Workers were still putting finishing touches on things and the kitchen staff was busy grinding spices and getting used to where everything will be.

Dinner reservations will be taken starting saturday and lunch will be served starting monday.
83 Exchange Street