Sunday, October 24, 2010

HOTH / Saturday Marketplace

A little street music play patrons in and out of this years Saturday MarketPlace on the final day of Harvest On The Harbor. The greatly improved setting under a HUGE tent made navigating around to the various venders a breeze, leading to a much happier experience. Good thing because both 2 & 1/2 hour sessions were sold out! 

Kristin F Simmoms, whose cake was the dessert course at Friday nights "The Perfect Pairing" was on hand with her  hand-crafted desserts.

Seeings how I'm normally late riser I tried one of the Inspirations (Hannaford) turnovers  and found it quire good.  

The chefs from SMCC culinary classes on hand with two different versions of this Alfredo sauce, a little friendly competition for bragging rights might have been going on here. 

Denny Mike, the hansom guy on the left, was on hand with some BBQ to put under his  sauces.

Paul Dobbins of Ocean Approved 100% Natural Sea Vegetables could be seen talking up the 1st in the nation commercial kelp farm, right here in the cold waters of Casco Bay and handing out samples of there new kelp "dilly pickles".

The Sweet/Savory stage had ongoing demonstrations. 

Lakonia Greek Products was serving up their olives and oils.

Sweet Marguerites of South Portland had samples of their delicious chocolates on hand.  They lately added an employee to handle their expanding business after a successful tour at the New York Fancy Food Show a few months back.

Leroux Kitchen which sells a selection of fancy aged olive oils and Balsamic vinegars at it's store on Commercial Street had a table. 

For wine lovers there was a large selection to choose from the four corners of the world.

Of course the "Maine Maid" label, the state sponsored marketing effort for Maine goods could be seen thru out the tent on a variety of food stuffs. 

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Pastor Chuck Orchards

Sorry guys I didn't catch the name of this lovely and lovely sounding young  troubadour 

Michael Ruoss, Southern Maine Community College alumnus and New Orleans based chef,  could be found on the outdoor Savory Stage giving advice on improving your tailgate cooking skills.

These Mionetto Moscato & Proceco bottles have been showing up frequently at parties I've been at lately  and I never turn down a glass.

Portland native and star of the Bravo networks newest show "Top Chef Just Desserts", Zac Young, was on hand at the sweet stage preparing this lovely dessert below, which I was fortunate enough to get a picture (and taste) before it was devoured 

A welcome break between sessions allowed time for rest before restocking. 

I'll have one more post from the Harbor later in the week, until then
Get a good nights sleep!

& I'll be different restaurant kitchens all week and hopefully posting nightly.
So much food so little sleep!
Forgive the typos I'm off to bed for now, I'll proofread in the morning.


  1. Michael these photos are awesome!
    Thank you so much for attending the event!
    Can I post these on the Harvest on the Harbor Facebook page?
    Thanks again!

  2. Well done. You capture events very well.

  3. FYI : Zac Young is a contestant on Top Chef, not the host.