Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Walter's... It's open and It's Fabulous!

The tuesday before New Year's saw the opening of the new Walter's at 2 Union Square.  They started off with lunch and I got there for dinner hours.  The new place looks smashing, it's slick in a big city way and at the same time it's cozy in a very Portland way.  The food looked great, I had the fried Calamari and a beer at the bar after I finished shooting ( almost 500 images! ) sweet, sour, tangy, nice crunch, nice. Because I have such a variety of images I decided to not give you any images of a finished plate in this post and will do a 2nd post with just whole plates right after the new year and a flickr post then as well, with a bunch of other images as well.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Feast Of The Seven Fishes

Well , maybe six, because yours truly sort of missed one course, again, sort of.  When I mentioned to my wife that I might shoot in the kitchen at Cinque Terre on Christmas Eve for the traditional Italian "Feast of the Seven Fishes" she showed more then a little interest in tagging along.  So a little trade of a picture and voila, a night on the town, again sort of, because I'm running back n forth taking pictures and in a lull coming out front to sit for a few minutes.  At one point she looks into the kitchen and says you have to try this, it's fabulous! So while I somehow didn't take any pictures of "Maine Shrimp Fritto, radicchio, basil and caper sauce" I did get to taste it and she didn't lie, it was great! So without further ado:

Feast of the Seven Fishes
December 24, 2009
Winter Point Oysters with prosecco mignonette
Crab Arancini and mozzarella white anchovy crostini
Warmed Leeks and lobster vinaigrette
*Maine Shrimp Fritto, radicchio, basil and caper sauce
Creamy Codfish Ravioli with tomato, fennel and basil oil
Seared Sea Scallops, parsnips, chicory and balsamic aioli
White Chocolate Cranberry Semifreddo, orange crème anglaise, pistachio tuile

The flow of every kitchen is different and I've taken to going with the flow so to speak, shooting the parts of the plate, as it comes together, until I get a picture of the whole.  Still video like.

Now not everybody dining at Cinque Terre on Christmas Eve was there for the "Feast", some had come for the regular menu which on that night had a a variety of seafood dishes to choose from...
Portland has an abundance of good food to choose from and many of the best restaurants offer these prix fix multi course meals, which are usually a great value, so if your thinking of going out New Years Eve, check the Portland Food Map Calendar as at last look about a dozen choices in all price ranges where listed, including a pig roast at Shima on Fore Street. 
I'll be out there somewhere, with my wife, enjoying myself with or without my camera. I hopr you are too!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Almost Walter's

Opening night at the new Walter's is just around the corner. And I'll be there shooting in the kitchen &maybe more.  Jeff & Cheryl Buerhaus and their contractors are working feverishly to get the doors open.  The liquor license came thru today.

The bar area will feature a wall of wine at the far end.
They plan on two private dinners on sunday and monday evenings for their contractors and family & friends as a shake out before opening to the general public on tuesday.  For those of you who ate at the old place on Exchange street, this space will be a real shock.  It has not only a totally different feel but also a different feel to any other space in Portland.

More modern, less brick ( ah, no brick ) but wood, both overhead and in the seating.  A warm inviting entrance, with a bar to the left and tables to the right and a lovely low key fire place in the middle of the wall opposite the doors.  With a brand sparkling new kitchen the food should be as good or better then before and the service should be easier on the wait staff.

As with any new opening there could be last minute snags, so best to call first:  207.871-9258.
Again the first night open to the public is December 29th with reservations accepted on the 27th.