Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Portland Explodes On Film

Driving thru the "Old Port" section of town today when I spotted a movie set.  Lone Wolf Documentary Group, a local firm, was shooting for a National Geographic Special about a dirty bomb.  I couldn't stick around, they were using National Guard troops.  When I returned in the afternoon it was civilians, dirtied as it were from the bomb and a fire department de-contamination unit.  Cast and crew totaled about 100 for the day.  Lone Wolf has shot around the world in the past few years and are working on another project in Greece now.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back Bay

Back Bay isn't so much back as it is central to Portland.  Surrounded by several major streets and i295, I drive along it's shore every day.  For years I've thought about photographing it.  It would make a great 365 project, maybe more then one.  Changing from minute to minute at times and hour to hour daily with colors from white to brown, green, blue, grey and black. Here are a few images taken today from 6:09 to 6:29 PM, 5.13.09.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I had a great time shooting these images.  The kitchen and wait staff were in constant movement in a small space and I tried to place myself in the midst of it.  With the different parts of preparation happening at 6 rough areas plus pick up and dishwashing the swirl of bodies around the central work counter increased as each table filled out front.  My mental limit for restaurant shoots is 400 images or a blister, time about 2 hours!  I try to scope out the place first, see how interesting the kitchen, food, staff might be; but so far it's all available light and stay out of peoples way.


I've been thinking about putting up a blog for a while... more like procrastinating; since the election season ended and I stopped adding to my "Maine Political Photo News" webste.  Don't have a clear picture or direction, but mostly images.  Probably a little politics , people, Artwalk and food; what ever crosses my lens that's of interest. Lets start with something from the restaurant series.