Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Walter's... It's open and It's Fabulous!

The tuesday before New Year's saw the opening of the new Walter's at 2 Union Square.  They started off with lunch and I got there for dinner hours.  The new place looks smashing, it's slick in a big city way and at the same time it's cozy in a very Portland way.  The food looked great, I had the fried Calamari and a beer at the bar after I finished shooting ( almost 500 images! ) sweet, sour, tangy, nice crunch, nice. Because I have such a variety of images I decided to not give you any images of a finished plate in this post and will do a 2nd post with just whole plates right after the new year and a flickr post then as well, with a bunch of other images as well.


  1. Beautiful photos as always! I'll have to check the new place out soon.

  2. That's my Dad and Company!! Amazing photos, by the way. :)

    Feel free to check out some of mine!

  3. Your photos are amazing. Thanks for sharing!