Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rest (aurant) Week Winter 2011

I'm sure the Kick Off event was great! I was planning on being there and every where as always during this winter's happenings, but shortly after talking to Jim Britt three weeks ago I tweaked my groin. It didn't seem too serious at the time, but little did I knowit would only be the beginning!!! In semi- ignoring it and limping around like Chester hurrying after Marshall Dillion on Gunsmoke,  seems I over compensated a bit and completely screwed up my natural gate, causing my right leg to become painful from the calf to the hip. Now having to sit for several days at home building excess energy, I thought why not clean the dust off my weight bench in the cellar. I could burn some energy, use some of my down time, completely blow out my back!  No, that last thought was not part of the plan, nor was spending large parts of the last ten days lying face down on my bed, with a heating pad for company, smelling like the inside of a tube of ICYHOT or trying to balance my upper body on my elbows in order to sit upright. This last caused its own minor but painful problem. Plus you'd be surprised how fast you can go thru a bottle of ibuprofen and also at exactly six hours and one minute the damn stuff stops working. But yesterday was better, I managed to get out and take a picture (just barely) for the 1st day of classes at the new Ocean Ave School. Today was better still and I hope that I'm set for the Incredible Breakfast Cookoff, Friday morning.
I probably won't be going to Camden this weekend to shoot 3 or 4 kitchens as planned, but if Friday's IBC goes well & I don't do anything stupid... not a sure thing, I can probably do every other night and maybe a lunch thrown in.
In the mean time here's a link to last winters Back Bay Grill entry from Restaurant Week

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