Sunday, February 28, 2010

Best of The Phoenix / Dessert

Of all the Phoenix Best of categories, this seems the most broadly interpreted with Silly's and Deans Sweets mixed in with three higher end restaurants, Bar Lola, Grace and Salt. Wether it's little kids or the most grown up adults, chocolate lovers to architectural buffs, liquid or solid it covers the bases.
Caramelized Banana Napoleon with Pastry Cream and Chocolate Sauce
Salted Caramel Tart

Dean's Sweets sits on Middle street east of Franklin Arterial and for those lucky enough to walk by it on their way to & from work, it must seem the work of the devil, what with the temptation it presents for a daily pop in  to the  tasting counter, where a dozen or more little bites await the unsuspecting.

For those of you who haven't found this lovely spot, it's in the Old Chestnut Street Church near City Hall and might be the most stunning restaurant in the city. It is also a great place for a wedding or other event.

Like a lot of fine restaurants, The Salt Exchange changes it dessert menu weekly if not daily, rotating the tried and true with newer offerings, mixing seasonal ingredients with lasting favorites, the simple, but never plain with surprisingly architectural delights.

What can you say about Silly's, it's been around for 20 plus years and it still does a great business. The desserts run to big cakes, homemade cookies, ice cream concoctions.  Just the place to go with the kids or the kid in you, it's silly but what would you expect.

Bar Lola
100 Congress Street
Portland, ME
tel. 207-775-5652

Dean's Sweets
82 Middle street
Portland, ME
tel. 207-899-3664

15 Chestnut Street
Portland, ME
tel. 207-828-4422

the Salt Exchange
245 Commercial Street
Portland, ME
tel. 207-347-5687

40 Washington Ave
Portland, ME
tel. 207-772-0360

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