Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Almost Sonny's

Well the buzz for Local 188's Jay Villani's new place...  Sonny's, 83 Exchnge Street, at Post Office Park is about to get a little louder with the opening night happening this Friday at 5PM.  You'll be able to sample some of the South American tinted menu like Brazilian Style Mussels, Fried Plantains and Yam Fries, Rice & Beans, Empanadas and Cuban Chicken.  They'll have a cash bar and a party atmosphere! I'll be there taking more pictures so the next post will have both food & foodies, so dress to kill.

The new bar along the park wall and the newly painted interior work nicely within the old banks granite floor and wood trim.  There looks to be plenty of open space in the center of the main room, Tango anyone? with a large couch and a mix of tables and booths.  Workers were still putting finishing touches on things and the kitchen staff was busy grinding spices and getting used to where everything will be.

Dinner reservations will be taken starting saturday and lunch will be served starting monday.
83 Exchange Street

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