Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rosemont Market /Munjoy Hill /Wine Tasting

         PBC New England Championship Semi Finals

Sorry I'm late on this, I know I said Thursday.

If it's Friday this must be, ah... well there's only one item on the Portland Food Map calendar, a wine tasting at Rosemont Market on the hill. 4:30 off I go!

A new law passed in the last legislature requires that wine tastings be somewhat "hidden".  Apparently the mere sight of adults drinking alcoholic beverages can drive young children over to the dark side. This has caused a mini revolt amongst store owners due to the expense (for both the store owner and the state, which with a handful of agents has to re-certify each place wanting to do tastings. It also has caused a significant backlog of locations waiting for same.) The law is expected to be repealed in January when the gutters are sure to be littered with drunken toddlers sipping Mad Dog 20/20 and Ripple.  I myself have been to drunk on beer to have noticed them in the past, but I'll keep an eye out for them now!

For those of you who don't live on Munjoy Hill but live on the peninsula a trip to either of the two Rosemont locations, the other is on Brighton Ave at ( You Guest It ) corner might surprise you with the variety of food, much of it made in their kitchen with lots of local ingredients.

Well bottoms up, and I hope you enjoyed this week in food. I know I did and I'll be looking for more. Portland Food Map has added a couple of late items for this weekend, so check it out.
One more thing, I'd like comments on how these food images from the dinners look on your browsers, Tasty or Not! Thanks and nice meeting some of you today at Rosemont.
Wine provided by Nat Saywell of R. P. Imports,  priced from $7.99 to $19.99
Rosemont Market *Portland...774-8129  *Munjoy Hill... 773-7888  *Yarmouth... 846-1224


  1. Michael, it was nice meeting you and you got some great shots of us crammed in the meat locker! ~Kate

  2. Pictures look great. You must of been in the cooler looking out to make the room look larger than it is.

  3. Michael,

    Those shots look terrific. Thanks so much for attending, and putting a little glamour into our little event.

    Joe (manager)