Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ay Me Hearty, So You Want to Sail Away

If you grew up reading "Billy Bud",  "2 Years Before The Mast" and the exploits of C.S. Forester's character Horacio Hornblower and always wanted to go to sea, then get you self down to the dock along side the Maine Narrow Gage R.R.  Because your ship is about to sail.  Hopefully around the world! And Captain George McKay is looking for crew.

The sailing ship RAWFAITH, is built after a 16th century race built galleon, but with a non-traditional gaff rig, which allows for sailing with a much smaller crew, 6-10 than a traditional rigged sail layout needing 80-100 sailors. The ship was built by George McKay and his three sons, Aaron, Thomas and Robert in their backyard in Addison, a small village in "Downeast" Maine.Construction of the hull was finished in 1999 after 28 months of work and the above deck and rigging required an additional 20 months. The ship lies 118' bow to stern and 80' to the top of the mainmast has with an 88' deck.

Launched in 2003 McKay has sailed the ship mostly in the Gulf of Maine.  A wind driven electric generator at midships provides power for modern sailing instuments. The hull built of a sturdy white oak is covered in tar.  The ship has proven it seaworthiness sailing in 50 knot winds and seas over 30 feet, once encountering a rogue wave that towered above the masts.

   The inspiration for RawFaith is found in the Captain's oldest child, Elizabeth, who has spent most of her life in a wheelchair due to Marfan Syndrome.  After experiencing mountains of bills, restrictions on field trips and family outings, and intra-family stress, the McKays decided to build a sailing vessel that was wheelchair accessible.  Over time, the McKay's mission to improve their quality of life grew to include others.  Thus RawFaith'smission today is to offer free sailing adventures in order to provide a fun and safe environment for the wheelchair bound and their families to learn how to sail, meet others with similar life situations, and have a fantastic adventure.

  RawFaith is currently seeking goodhearted buccaneer cook and crew to assist with her up and coming sail to New Jersey.  No experience is necessary.  A minimum commitment of two weeks is required, but those who are interested are welcome to stay for future legs of the adventure (Bermuda and Brazil).  For more info see the website link below.

George (c) 609-617-4129
email: rawfaithsailing@gmail.com


  1. I'm all for swashbuckling, but potential buccaneers should probably be aware of the RawFaith's track record before signing up.


  2. Colin, thanks for the heads up. Hopefully the Captain has learned his lesson, but it is still Sailor Beware! And maybe a call to the Coast Guard.

  3. An update from Munjoy Hill News on RawFaith's latest cruise: