Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cinque Terre / Slow Food

Day three of my personal hell week (it's now 2.29 AM) brought me to  Cinque Terre, on Wharf Street, for a "Slow Food's Tuscon Dinner."  Six courses, Five wines! I'm not going to say much about the food, except that I talked to ten of the people at the dinner afterwards and they all raved, giving it a big thumbs up. The whole concept of "Slow Food's" could be another post, but let's say it's a cousin to the 30 Mile Meal idea to eat local, eat fresh, know your food.  Much of the food tonight was grown local and prepared on the premise. The meal was part of a national promotion of  "Slow Food" farm to table movement at 6 to 8 premier restaurants around the country.
I'll post the menu tomorrow, when I'm awake enough not to make any mistakes!  Lots of stuff tomorrow happening all at once, but I plan on being in the kitchen for the Allagash Tasting dinner at Cinque Terre's  sister restaurant Vignola, they have back to back kitchens with an open wall between them.

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