Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Piatti per Tutti" A Place for Everbody

Before I get to todays post, I need to note for you boxing fans that I will get to the  PBC New England Championship Semi Finals later in the week, probably thursday.

Today starts a journey thru the Portland Food Map  calendar section.
I check in there often and noticed that this week is especially busy.
The regular monday food & drink trivia at Bull Feeny's
Simply Divine Brownies store opening in the Eastland on tuesday
The Portland Farmers market on wednesday
Maine mead Works Pub Crawl and Shipyards Prelude party on thursday
3 wine tastings... Falmouth, Portland, Scarboro, on thursday & friday
3 cooking classes, including todays post, "Piatti per Tutti" with chef Stephan Lanzalotta, author of "The Diet Code", at Micucci's; and SMCC Cooking Class and Black Tie Bistro are the other two.
Plus the weeks biggies three dinners
The first is a wine dinner, tuesday at Bar Lola on Munjoy Hill,
The 2nd is the "Slow Food Dinner"  wednesday at Cingue Terra
The 3rd is the 4th Annual Allagash Tasting dinner at Vignola!
MONDAY 2 FRIDAY, 14 items: I thought why not do as many as I can or at least one every day.  So let's get started!

Many of you know Stephan's food locally from his previous adventure, Sofia's Bakery, in the Portland's Old Port.  If you missed it, well I'm sorry for you: You will find this on quote his website
"[your cannoli are] better than Ferrara's!
 Molto Bene! Molto Grazie!"-- Frank Serpico

Now days he can be found working his magic on breads and pastries at Micucci's on India street where he also teaches his cooking classes.
The 1st delectable was Cannelloni ("cannelloni are rolled, simple and straight sided, while manicotti are preshaped tubes, often ridged, and usually with ends on a diagonal--homemade versions are rolled corner to corner along the diagonal. Cannelloni can be stuffed with cheese, meat or vegetables and topped with tomato or cream sauce...")

After we finished eating these we needed a dessert, that's where the brownies came in.
Soft but firm, moist, chocolaty with a mix of milk and dark, flaky topped and caramel colored, lovely with a cup of coffee!

Check back daily to follow my week!

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  1. I went to one of Stephen's classes recently (and last year too). Wish we had the brownies - wow!