Monday, November 30, 2009

Blatant Plug, Buy Local, Update #1

Following the frantic goings on of last week, what with new stock arriving daily by UPS or being delivered by the artists; the gallery being turned upside down trying to figure where it all goes, rushing to get out postcards, hang flyers and do an emailing and with a trip to New Haven for Thanksgiving and shooting over 3000 images at the NE Amateur Boxing Finals ( posting thurs/fri ? ) things are coming together, sort of like the calm before the storm!

 3 days left before the official opening of the 2009 Holiday Show and things are going smoothly. Here's  is a look at the gallery as of today.

Now a tip to all you guys out there, two things women love, 1) jewelry... we have it, and

2) chocolate... ditto. In fact on Sunday December 6th from 1 to 4, you can really score big by skipping football (WTBF) and bringing your honey to a Chocolate Tasting, featuring Sweet Marguerites scrumptious chocolates!
Holiday Show Preview page is HERE

Also this weekend
Bradbury Mountain Arts at Mallett Hall, Rte 9, Pownell
The Wine Bar, on Sundaywill have some crafts
If your in Bethel, VT. Becca Van Fleet is opening her new Gallery, 123 Scammel lane
Next weekend
Fraser Art Studio, 81 Congress St.
Photo a Go-Go 10th Anniversary Show, December 11 6-8 with music by King Memphis

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