Monday, October 26, 2009

Harvest On The Harbor / Saturday Marketplace

Harvest On The Harbor continued on Saturday in the rain... but that didn't keep the crowds away!  The crowds were waiting for the noon start and just after 12:30 all the tickets were gone. Sous chef, Andrew Taylor, Hugo's restaurant started the day off on the Viking cooking stage.

He was followed by Peter Berley, Chef, author of The Flexitarian Table, and James Beard winner.

As the crowds passed thru the land side terminal building and Ocean View Room, they were greeted by Maine fashion designer, Meredith Alex's food meets art installation of extravagantly dress models.

Having been warned about the crowds in the market place tents I never the less decided to fight my way around holding my camera in one hand and my light at arms length in the other at times guessing what the camera might be seeing and checking the viewfinder after every 4-5 shots.

Lucinda Scala Quinn who did a session friday on Italian cooking, pulled  double duty coming back for the 3rd session on the Viking stage on saturday, working from her new book, "Mad Hungry: Feeding Men& Boys". Then stuck around to sign copies after.

Last up was Justin Nichols and Barbara Car "Cooking What You Grow."

Despite the rain Harvest On The Harbor  was a huge success selling almost all their tickets for the three day event, begging the question have they outgrown the Ocean Gateway venue after only the 2nd year.
After 4 plus hours of fighting the crowds I was to tired to go to the blowout closing Party/Dance at the Landing at Pine Point. That event was also sold out.
All in all a fun three days.  I got to sample some very good food and spirits from lots of Maine producers, meet some very interesting people and I'll be saving a place on  my next years calendar for this event.  If you missed it or were one of the unlucky ones who wanted to go but couldn't get tickets, I suggest you plan ahead and by your tickets early next year.  Visit to find out more of what you missed and
Visit my flickr site for more photos of all 3 days.

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