Thursday, November 26, 2009

Blatant Plug, Buy Local

In my other life, when I'm not taking photos, I'm often helping out in my wife's pottery business and our Gallery.  We live in a small Victorian in the Deering section of the city just off Forest Ave on Read Street. A minutes walk from the Starbucks, where I never go for coffee.  Most years we are doing a craft show in Gaithersburg, MD in mid november and then home and back to New Haven for Thanksgiving Dinner at my sister-in-laws house, which leaves little time and less energy to put into the Gallery for the holiday season.  Some years we do a little and some years less.

BUT NOT THIS YEAR!!!  We decided to stay off the road and put our time and energy into "the gallery at Toby Rosenberg Pottery".  Here is what we have come up with. A show of exquisitely hand crafted gifts featuring local artists... Holiday Show Preview  In the last few days several more artists have brought items in that I haven't had time to photograph and I'll get to that this weekend and I'll add to this post early next week with some listings for other local holiday shows.

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