Monday, November 9, 2009

Misc # 2... Boxing & My 365 Street Portraits

Wanted to give a heads up to the Portland Boxing Club post I'll be making later this week that will have a link to a flickr set with lots of pictures.  They are hosting the 2009/2010 USA Boxing New England Championships. This 123rd annual amateur event started this past saturday with the quarter finals at the Portland Boxing Club, 33 Allen Ave. ( hidden behind Bruno restaurant ). The semi finals will be held this coming saturday at their  gym, 1st fight starts at 8:00.  The finals will be held two week slater, but at the Stevens Avenue Armory.

Tickets can be had at Bruno Restaurant.  More info can be found here.

Now I might have mentioned the "365" project I'm working on.  I'm posting a street portrait, one each day for a year. I go out into the streets of Portland, approach strangers and ask to take their picture. It takes a minute, maybe two. I usually take a group of 20-25 at a time and pick the seven I  like the best. This makes up one week of the year.  I started posting the first pictures to my flickr page on November 1st.  They are grouped in the 365/StreetPhotos/Portland, ME "Set" found along the right side of the page.  Have a look, I've taken people and their pets, kids, groups of 2 to 7 so far. I'm working ahead ( 7 outings so far) and move around to different spots in Portland using a plain portable background. Here are a few that are not included in  the final cut and won't be in the posted 365 set.  So far there basic, but I'll be using different lenses and introduce lights as I work thru the year.

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