Friday, June 18, 2010

The Two Frankies

The two Frankies,  Castronovo & Falcinelli, were at Rabelais Bookstore, this afternoon for the first stop on their nationwide book tour to promote "The Frankies Spuntino: Kitchen Companion and Cooking Manual." Growing up as friends, losing track of each other for 18 years, meeting again by chance they decided to throw in together, conceptualizing  Frankies, their Brooklyn restaurant. Opened in 2004 they now have added a second Frankies on Manhattans lower East side. They also sell their own Sicilian olive oil, Frankies' Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP. By it's look and feel their book is designed to stand out from others of it's genre and a  pursuit of local fresh quality ingredients and a nostalgia for the smells of their grandparents kitchens is written into their cooking manual. They hope it stands the test of time.
They were joined on the stop today at Rabelais by Andrew Knowlton, restaurant editor for Bon Appetit magazine.
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