Thursday, June 3, 2010

National Donut Day

As some of you might know, the 1st Friday in June (tomorrow) is National Donut Day! Having been remiss in finding my way before now to the French Press Eatery, in Westbrook, to try what I had heard are  tasty and somewhat unusual varieties of the fried dough delights, I drove the 3 miles from my house to the very bright and welcoming neighborhood spot.  When I mentioned to the boys that tomorrow was the big day, they were surprised that they didn't know of the (should be) national holiday, but quick on their feet in deciding to make a special donut for the day. Thus is born the "Team USA Donut".  Resplendent in red, white and blue.  A little prep time and five minutes in the frier, ( they make all their donuts to order.) The dough is put up the night before, but dropped into the hot, 350 degree oil, only when a customer orders! That's a big part of why they taste so good, plus the fresh ingredients. In this case,   the red strawberries, the fresh white whipped cream, done while the dough was in the Non-trans fat oil (see donuts really are good for you) and the blue-berries. There's no whole in these donuts and to accommodate the filling, they are sliced in half.  Their daily menu has a dozen or so varieties which can vary with seasonal offerings. I may show up for the Maple Bacon tomorrow, myself.
I strongly suggest you head on over to The French Press Eatery tomorrow, Friday the 4th of June for your own fix on National Donut Day, 2010!

The French Press Eatery
855 Main Street
Westbrook, ME
Fresh Food, Made Right

You can check their website for the rest of the menu.

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