Monday, March 8, 2010

Restaurant Week / Sunday / Dimillo's

What's left to be said about DiMillo's Floating Restaurant, it's the face of the Portland waterfront, it's served more food to more people since it first opened it's doors in December of 1982 then any other establishment and there isn't anyone in 2nd place.  Two Lobster special ! Sunday it was $19.95. When I was aboard taking my pictures I ran into a lovely couple I had seen (and taken pictures of ) at the Portland Museum of Art's Cold River Vodka Kickoff Bartender Bash on Monday night. They had been to a different restaurant every evening and were having drinks and dinner at the bar.  I'll bet they weren't alone in engaging in this 10 day foodathon!  DiMillo's booked in at the $20.10 level and one possible combination would have been the next three images: Sauteed Mussels Dijon, Lobster Ravioli Pomodoro, Chef's Coice Cheescake. An additional four bucks got you the Crock of French Onion Soup.

DiMillo's is running their Restaurant Week menu for the entire month of March!

With only three days left, lets ask the question... What's the best meal you've had this week? Click on my profile and email me your favorite restaurant, lunch or dinner, $, $$ or $$$ and include a first name and city/town. If you took pictures send me a small/medium size file and maybe I'll use it in a post...

DiMillo's Floating Restaurant
25 Long Wharf
Portland, ME

Phone: (207) 772-2216


  1. Hey Michael,
    nice photos. When did you become such a foodie?
    These images make me hungry!
    best regards

  2. I just discovered your blog and work through the Portland, Maine facebook page--I love your photos of DiMillo's! Nice work!