Sunday, March 7, 2010

Restaurant Week / Saturday / Foreside Tavern / Sea Grass Bistro

Saturday for the first time I'm shooting in two restaurants after dark and they couldn't be more dissimilar.  One the Foreside Tavern is a family oriented roadhouse style eatery on Route 1 in Falmouth. The other the  Sea Grass Bistro is an American style bistro with Asian, French and Tuscan influences, in Yarmouth, with some of the prettiest food I've seen this week. The Foreside Tavern, much larger had a waiting line as I left to go to the Sea Grass which had a wait when I arrived. Now the photos in order.
Oh yeah, they make their own donuts!


At the bottom of the Sea Grass's Restaurant Week menu they gave a shout out to their local suppliers: 
Harbor Fish, Royal River Natural Foods, Sid Warner, New Leaf Farm, Rosemont Market, Pat's Meat Market & Market Fresh Produce

Restaurant Week 2010 is now past the half way mark, what are you waiting for?

SeaGrass Bistro
30 Forest Falls Drive
Yarmouth, ME
Phone: (207) 846-3885

Foreside Tavern
270 US Route One
Falmouth, ME
Phone: (207) 781-4255

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