Sunday, March 6, 2011

East Ender/District

Well I survived the Incredible Breakfast Cook-Off in the sense that I'm not lying on my stomach with a heating pad on my back, but I was in no shape to pick up a camera today. In fact I left the breakfast early to get home and ice and rest hoping the tiredness would turn out to be just that, but by mid afternoon I was stiff and by evening soreness wasn't going away. I stopped the ibuprofen at midnight wanting to get a better read on things in the morning. Waking up I was a little stiff and after light exercise the soreness returned and it was evident that I wouldn't be taking any pictures today. Still it's only a little step back and hopefully Sunday I feel stronger and Monday I can do something? Maybe I should just go out to eat, there are plenty of good deals and lots of restaurants I haven't tried yet.

Here are 3 images from Restaurant Week 2010 
A salad from the Sea Grass Bistro in Yarmouth

Scallops at the Back Bay Grill in Portland
Panna Cotta from The Good Table in Cape Elizabeth

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