Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Common Ground Fair

 The Common Ground Fair is an unusual 3 day collection of agriculture, farm animals, environmental concerns, native crafts, Made in Maine products, food, contemporary crafts and politics with  some kids activities and music thrown in for good measure. Held in Unity, Maine on the 3rd weekend after Labor day every year it is sponsored by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association. The fair ground is huge and the crowds for all three days tops 60,000. Food (for sale) was a big disappointment and fairly expensive but the wood fired pizza was good, the various artisanal cheeses were worth trying. The Shepherds pie was by far the best thing Toby tried.

 I had a pretty decent slice of apple cranberry pie. 

 Local Sprouts couldn't keep up with demand for there pea soup on sunday in the damp and cold. It showed promise but of course it didn't time to really come together, but it was hot.

 Very interesting and artful drawing "The True Cost Of Coal". As I said there was a lot of politics, education and persuasion going on around the fair grounds including pro & con wind power advocate groups.  

 The farmers market had lots of really nice looking produce including Sparrow Arc Farm which supplies some of the better restaurants in Maine and beyond with fresh products.

 Fingers Look Like Carrots!

 This little guy would follow his owner around gathering lots of attention and affection from the kids.

 These were cool backyard houses for kids or grownups.

Best Food I tried by far was this milk, which lucky Portlanders can buy at Whole Foods.   

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