Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Celebrate Maine Festival/Mainly Grillin' & Chillin' BBQ Competition

Sunday back down to Eliott on Sunday for the BBQ competition, 44 teams cookin' their best chicken, ribs, pulled pork and brisket. Prize money and braggin' rites on the grill, smoker, oven or whatever, all sanctioned by both the New England BBQ Society and the Kansas City BBQ Society.

Some of the fanciest wheels were driven by Danny and Gloria Sager, from MD, who are doing 14 competitions this year.

Another less fancy set up was a large wood burning set by redneck Oven run by Mike Gardner from Exeter, MA, but originally from Bay City TX.
Noon was the first turn in time with chicken the first category up.
A table of six judges get six unmarked boxes with six pieces each which they first inspect for beauty. Then one piece from each box is placed in front of each judge on what looks like a bingo card with 6 sections on it, one for each entrant. They then poke, prod and play with each piece taking a small bite, maybe a second. they then right down a score and discard the mostly uneatin food. Repeat!!!
A half hour and it's a new category.

Matt and The Barn Burners played a couple of rowdy sets providing a nice soundtrack to the afternoon.
If you weren't a judge you had several ways to eat some BBQ including M&M BBQ, Bucks Naked BBQ and Green Mountain Smoke Shack. Some of the teams also had samples after competition closed at 1:30.
Right after we arrived I tried my hand at match making, but when Buddy, an English RedTic coonhound)  couldn't come up with some ribs Daisy (my very selective BlueTic/Beagle mix) gave him the cold shoulder!
One of the main sponsors of the festival and BBQ competition was DennyMikes sauces & rubs. Afterwards he handed out Chef Paul Kirk and Artie Davis's cookbooks (both are from the heart of BBQ country, Kansas City) to the volunteers and judges.

"I Smell Smoke" won Grand Champion for highest combined score!

Category winners were:
Cruzen2Q * Chicken * Cascade, MD
I Smell Smoke * Ribs * Malden, MA
Eatin Smoke * Pork * Swampscott, MA
Eatin Smoke * Brisket

There's also plenty to do and see at the Raitt Farm during the year.

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