Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Finally got back out on the streets today with a camera, happy Cinco de Mayo.  It was also the first Wednesday for the Portland farmers market in Monument Square. I wanted to see how many people both vendors and shoppers would be around?  Smallish on both counts, but I was there before the noontime rush so I expect crowds were bigger later. Some of the art crowd was in the square as well... lovely yarns in front of the Public House.

After supper I stopped by El Rayo and the place was crowded as you would expect with a waiting line for a seat inside and lots of take out orders. 

I'll post some of my pictures from Prague, mostly an eclectic selection, over the weekend.  Came close to being Volcano'd but made it back on schedule late last Thursday. Just enough time to rest up for a family wedding on Sunday.

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