Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sounds Like Fun

As often times happens, I went out looking for one thing and came back with another. More specifically I was hoping that the TABOR info meeting at the South Portland Community Center, next to the high school would provide me with a post on my political blog;  BUT,  it was small and not overly photogenic.  Coming back outside I noticed (heard) something going on over at the football field.
Turns out the marching band was practicing for the season opening marching band competition this weekend at Westbrook High School.  Seems that high school marching bands now practice during the summer, hold "Band Camps" during pre-season football and have 6 or 8 competitions thru out the fall at different southern Maine high schools.  As I don't have any kids to clue me in, I had no idea. But it all looked like fun and the kids where all hard at work doing something they enjoyed, so if you've got some free time between now and halloween keep an ear out for your local marching band.
Just a note about the Congress Street series, I'm now editing images for #2 and it should appear next week.  I have TWO parties, one  tonight (the Phoenix 10th birthday, open to the public from 7-11pm wednsday evening) and friday (Richard Sandifer's  9th Open Studio. It's a great time as well as fund raiser: details.  I may make a combined posting of these, or not, do I work or play?

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