Monday, July 13, 2009

It's Never To Early to Think Ahead...

so if your looking for someplace warm to get away this (winter), google Buenos Aires.  I (we) spent 2 great weeks there in April.  The street music is hot, the food was fantastic, the weather was great, bright and sunny but not to warm.  We stayed in a 4 room private apartment in Monserat, in the 200 block of Defensa.  The famous sunday flea market that runs 12 blocks thru Plaza Dorrego, ( think Tango) started outside our front door.  But todays post is about what we did on our 2nd sunday. And that was the Feria de Mataderos, or "Cowboy Fair".  The fair runs sundays from fall to spring celebrating the life of the Argentina Gouchos with traditional music and dancing and well as crafts and food.  At one point having split up from my wife I was looking for a glass of wine  and stepped into a somewhat seedy cantina.  What I found turned out to be the highlight of my trip.  These two old guys and their buddies playing, no passionately acting out there music, taking turns singing, playing guitars, as people came and went thru-out the afternoon and into the evening.  I don't speak or understand a word of spanish but it didn't matter.   If you go try for flights and google something like Buenos Aires short term rentals and you should find plenty of apartments to choose from, in all price  ranges.  I mentioned the street music before and should note two bands we saw playing on the street, Pollera Pantalon (google em) and El Metodo, they have changed out the bongos, in there videos, for an electric piano and are much the better for it. The accordion player is great.   

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